Options to Exhibit Your Art

Exhibit Your Art

Healdsburg Center for the Arts offers several opportunities to exhibit your art. 

Guest Artist at HCA: Healdsburg Center for the Arts has a short term rental opportunity for local artists on a one-time basis as a Guest Artist. Artist may apply to rent a 10’ or 12’ space for an 8-week exhibit. 
10′ space: $25 administrative fee, $400 rent for 8 weeks, 30% commission on sales
12′ space: $25 administrative fee, $480 rent for 8 weeks, 30% commission on sales

Gallery Artist:
The rental options are described in the matrix below.  Options C & D include a requirement to work at HCA to offset a portion of the rent.  All agreements require that the art be refreshed regularly. Commission on sales is 30%.

The rental agreement is for one (1) year, requires upfront payment of the Administrative Fee, and first and last months rent.

Healdsburg Center for the Arts

Display Space Rental Options

Option A

Option B

Option C

Option D

Wall space or equivalent


4’ or tower


4’ or tower

One-time Administrative Fee





Monthly Rent





Minimum Monthly Volunteer Hours to reduce rent





Guest Artist at La Crema Estate at Saralee’s Vineyard: 
Healdsburg Center for the Arts coordinates opportunity for local artists to display their work at the La Crema Estate at SaraLee Vineyards for three months.  There is no rental fee, sales are conducted through HCA with a 15% commission. HCA provides La Crema with a list of artists interested in this opportunity and curator staff at La Crema select the artist for each rotation.

Application Process for Artist Opportunities

For all opportunities complete the application (below). Include (5) high quality images of your work, label your images with your name and title of the piece.

Upon receipt of your Application and images

HCA Gallery application:

A jury committee will do a digital screening of your application. You will be notified of outcome and be scheduled for an in person interview and art review with the jury. Within two weeks of the interview, you will be notified of the results. When space is available, you be contacted and be provided with a rental agreement to sign and return with payment. If your application is not accepted, we invite you to apply again after 12 months.

La Crema Guest Artist application:

Your application will be forwarded to the La Crema curator who will make the decision to exhibit your work.

Healdsburg Center for the Arts - Artist Application

This application is for artists interested in renting display space at Healdsburg Center for the Arts or being considered for display at La Crema Estate. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Selection is based on space availability. Please include five representative images of your work.

Select the option you are interested in. Refer to the description on artist opportunities page for definition.

Working artists: What talents do you have to offer HCA?

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