Emerging Artists


Guest Curator Gregory Roberts explains, “All of these young artists represent a deep change in the society we occupy. Born into the age of binary codes, Google, virtual and now augmented realities, each artist brings a new perspective choosing their hands over the keyboard as tools of expression. These artists were built to add to our understanding of the world, by remaining in the realm of the physical.”

About the Curator
In 1992, Gregory Roberts was the first artist to utilize honeycomb ceramics to create art, bringing a completely unique material to the clay and glass world, which was first shown at Dorothy Weiss Gallery in San Francisco. He went on to pursue a Masters of Fine Arts at Mills College and was offered a San Francisco Art Dealers Association Introductions Exhibition at Dorothy Weiss for his MFA thesis exhibition titled Working Late. He has been an artist -in-residence at the Oregon School of Arts and Crafts, Portland and had his first solo exhibition, Small Business at Butters Gallery in Portland, OR in 1995. He has been on the faculty of the Department of Art at Sonoma State University for 15 years where he has served as the head of the arts department. “My work in solo and group exhibitions seeks to marry ancient ceramic traditions with contemporary technological advances”.

The Artists


James Blake

SeanPatrick Shadduck