MASKS PUPPETS & GAMES includes performance art. Be a part of  the everyday opportunity to play a game in the gallery or come for one of the exciting performances.

This series of performances round out the exhibit. Seating is limited, so reserve early! All tickets are on a sliding scale, “pay what you can.” For reservations click the title of the performance.

September 15, 7PM, Raven Theater new script reading: The Germans Upstairs by Francine Schwartz and Jack Leidner. $5-$15


From the family album: (L to R) Gaby, Josette and Anna—South of France, late 1940s.

The Germans Upstairs is based on true events that happened to Francine’s family in German-occupied Paris during World War II. Two German officers are billeted in the house of a Jewish woman and her daughter in the outskirts of Paris. An unlikely friendship develops between the mother and one of the officers, and the action of the play follows the dynamics in the family during the officers’ stay as well as subsequent events that take place during the war. The play addresses themes of love, courage, good and evil, and human frailties.

Francine Schwartz‘s work has appeared in literary journals, news publications, and various corporate websites. Her writing includes a historical play, Act of Being, performed in San Francisco, and a book of photography and poetry, Dancing Shadows. Francine has narrated videos and commercials and acted in many stage productions, including the role of Annie Sullivan in The Miracle Worker. She is fluent in English and French.

Jack Leidner, a retired US Army Intelligence officer, wrote for and edited newspapers in Maryland, Germany and Georgia. He’s both directed and acted since high school. His directing and stage roles include You Know I Can’t Hear You When the Water’s Running, Camillo in A Winter’s Tale and Doctor Einstein in Arsenic and Old Lace. He lived in Germany for 5 years and has a MA in 20th Century Studies.

September 17, 8PM, Eliot Fintushel Masks Inside and Behind. $5-$25

Adult’s show: An introduction to the mystery of how we know at a glance what people are feeling–through the use of masks, mime, and improv.

BIO: Eliot Fintushel, two-time winner of the National Endowment for the Art’s Solo Performer award, has performed thousands of solo shows all over the United States, including at the National Theater in Washington. He has taught movement for stage at the Eastman School of Music and the Dell’Arte International School.

September 24, 7PM, 100 Thousand Poets for Change. Free event, donations welcome

100tpc20122HCA will be hosting the Healdsburg participation in the annual Massive Global Movement Giving Voice to Local Issues through Music, Art, Poetry, Mime and More.

Featured Poet: Mike Tuggle With: Penelope La Montagne, Mark Eckert, Jackie Huss, Bart Rawlinson, Cynthia Helen Beecher, Gervacio Peña Lopez, Vince Martellacci, Rachelle Boyson, and Mackenzie Brown

Music by Timothy Williams, on guitar and Singer-Songwriter Sarah Baker on piano.

September 30, 8PM, Eliot Fintushel Masks Inside and Behind.  $5-$25

Adult’s show: An introduction to the mystery of how we know at a glance what people are feeling–through the use of masks, mime, and improv. Don’t miss Sonoma County favorite mime artists with his charming and delightful antics and tricks.

eliot-fintushel-photoOctober 1, 2PM, Eliot Fintushel Children’s Mask & Mime. $5-$25 

Children’s show: exploring the mysteries of Body Language through mime illusions (walls, ropes, etc.), creating characters via masks, and stage clowning, with audience participation.  We combine hilarious fun with rapt and silent concentration to discover:  How do we read others’ feelings in an instant?

October 6, 7PM Raven Theater new script reading: Love Ala Carte by Jacquelyn Wells and Scott van der Horst. $5-$15 

Brandt and Carolyn arrive at a restaurant in 1987, he is there to meet a woman interested in purchasing his paintings for her hotel and she is there to meet a lawyer for a blind date, but because of a series of mix-ups by the quirky waiter, Quill, they end up deciding to have dinner together. They fall in love and continue to return to that same restaurant for the next two decades, each time being waited on by Quill, who seems to know everything and who was perhaps the one who orchestrated their initial encounter.

About the Playwrights

Sometime in 2011 Scott van der Horst reached out to Jacquelyn Wells to collaborate on this play. He had an idea, but didn’t have time to write it. Writing someone else’s story had never appealed to Jacquelyn, but Scott’s concept intrigued her. Scott and Jacquelyn met over the next year, he’d relate the next installment, they’d brainstorm and she’d go home and write. The play has continued to evolve since then.

Scott van der Horst is the Producer/Director/Writer at Upcoming Productions at, Director of Operations/Chief Pilot at Wine Country Balloons, and formerly on the Board of Directors at 6th Street Playhouse. He studied theater at Sonoma State University and theater and music at Santa Rosa Junior College

Jacquelyn Wells has been writing, acting and directing for many years. She’s had several short plays and two murder mysteries performed locally. There are also a few longer plays languishing in a drawer. She studied theater at the Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts, Jean Shelton Acting School, and has a BA in Theater from San Francisco State. She’s also taken many writing classes. She loves live drama, music, and sports.

October 15, 8PM Sha Sha Higby  Paper Wings II, dance in sculptural costume.  $20-$25 

sha-sha-higby-paper-wing-iiThe legendary international artist, Sha Sha Higby, with her exotic sculptural costume & puppetry, premiering “Paper Wings II”, a drama of memory and timelessness.

International performance/sculptural artist, Sha Sha Higby is known for her evocative and haunting performances using the exquisite and ephemeral body sculpture she meticulously creates and moves within Sculptural costume, dance, and puppetry explore the atmospheric world within the magical borders between death and life. For more information about the artist:

 Doors open for all performances 45 minutes prior to performance time.