Healdsburg Arts Festival

Healdsburg Arts Festival

2015 Healdsburg Art Festival
September 12 & 13, 2015


A fine arts and crafts show, 2015 marks the 9th year HCA has been gathering artists from the region and across the country for this vibrant event.
Healdsburg is in the heart of Sonoma Wine Country and just 90 minutes north of San Francisco. Named as one of the “Ten Best Small Towns in America” by Fodors.com in 2013, Healdsburg draws visitors from across the US and around the world. Known for fine food and wine,the art scene is very strong, with more than 20 galleries in the community. Enjoy the excitement of fall in Sonoma County with warm weather, harvest, and the 9th Annual Healdsburg Arts Festival.

This juried outdoor fine art and craft show is produced by the Healdsburg Center for the Arts, a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization.
Proceeds from this festival support the operations of HCA.

2015 Art Festival Artists

Ted Asnis – Painting
Ava Austin – Jewelry
Chelsea Bond – Jewelry
Andrew Butler – Photography
Frances Casey – Jewelry
Sandra Chu – Painting
Scott Cilmi – Mixed Media
Laurie Curtis – Clay
Michael Ecton – Photography
Katharina Ernst – Fiber
Ana Espinosa Rydman – Photography
Angel Fabela – Painting
Francine Fiesel – Jewelry
Donald Frazell – Painting
Carmen Froemke – Jewelry
David Gallegos – Mixed Media
Claudia Grau-Sender – Fiber
Stephanie Guilin – Photography
Donny Hahn – Painting
Ganna Halvorsen – Painting
Birgitt Hellemann – Jewelry
Susan Hill – Fiber
Sten Hoiland – Sculpture
Gregory Holt – Painting
Teddi Hosman – Jewelry
Ronnie Hutton – Clay
Steven Johnides – Photography
Amy Knight – Glass
Ayse Kozaci – Jewelry
Sarah Lam – Painting
Mila Lamberson – Fiber
Anne Lindsay – Jewelry
Gayle Lorraine – Painting
Sonya Mackintosh – Fiber
Susan Mandel – Jewelry
Sharon McAuley – Clay
Kurt MCCracken – Clay
Merry Meier – Photography
Michelle Neal – Jewelry
Sherri Nessenson – Jewelry
Ken Newman – Sculpture
Daniel Oliver – Clay
Bill Pfeffer – Painting
Kelly Phipps – Metal
Glynn Powell – Jewelry
Carolyn Quan – Mixed Media
Mark Reynolds – Wood
Scott Roach – Wood
Nicky Ruxton – Jewelry
Brian Sabado – Leather
Barbara Sebastian – Clay
Victoria Skirpa – Jewelry
Mandisa Smith – Fiber
Paul Steege – Clay
Sylvia Tangney – Fiber
Wesley Thurston – Glass
Jennifer Utsch – Metal
Wolfgang Vaatz- Jewelry
Micki Voorhies – Sculpture
Jamie Walker – Mixed Media
Stephen Ward – Painting
Marilyn Webster – Fiber
Robert Weiss – Clay
David Wellner – Printmaking
Kathryn Welsh – Jewelry
Arlene Wohl – Fiber
Debey Zito – Wood