2015 Summer Art Camp For Kids

2015 Summer Art Camp for Kids | June 15-July 24

“The Healdsburg Center for the Arts Summer Art Classes have given my kids exposure to art they wouldn’t receive any other way. “

Three options for class registration and payment:

- Register and pay online for classes by using the form at the bottom of the page (PDF). DOWNLOAD and fill in the form then click “SUBMIT’ button to register for the classes, and then the PAY NOW ” button. The “PAY NOW” link will take you to the HCA online payment site where you can choose your classes and pay online.  This is credit card payment only.

- To register and pay in person at the Art Center : download the 2 page fill-in registration form (PDF) at the bottom   of this page, bring the completed form and your payment to Healdsburg Center for the Arts, 130 Plaza Street,  Healdsburg, CA  95448.  Cash, Credit Card, and Checks accepted.

- Mail in completed registration form and check to Healdsburg Center for the Arts, 130 Plaza Street,  Healdsburg, CA  95448

For more information please email: artclass@healdsburgcenterforthearts.com

JUNE 15-19 | Week One
9:30am-3:30pm   PAINTING | Kathryn Henderson | Ages 6-12
If “Imitation is the highest form of flattery,” then we are going to flatter famous painters like nobody’s business!  
Each day we will explore the techniques of a different artist. Subject matter will vary as will the styles of
painting; watercolors, acrylics and oil pastels will be the media. We will start off with Wayne Theibaud’s still lifes
celebrating cupcakes and gumballs, proceed with Van Gogh’s flowers in a vase, Diebenkorn’s landscapes,
and Cezanne’s fruit, to finish with the abstracts of Pollock and Klee.
COST: $280

JUNE 22-26 | Week Two
9am-12 noon     ART ON FABRICS | Deborah Padrick | Ages 6-12
See what a difference it makes painting on fabric instead of paper!  Luscious colors come alive on cotton,
silk and soft animal sculptures using dyes and acrylics.  One day we will tie dye so please bring to class
100% white cotton items to color: pillow cases, t-shirts, socks, dish towels, whatever you want to brighten up
with the very cool look of tie-dye. | COST: $170

1-4pm   A RAINBOW OF MIXED MEDIA | Deborah Padrick | Ages 6-12
Every day of camp we will make a new piece of art using many different media: watercolors, oil pastels, pens
and colored pencils.  The art of Northwest Coast Native Americans and Japanese brush stroke (Sumi-e)
will inspire two days of our art creations. | COST: $170

JUNE 29-JULY 3 | Week Three
9am-12 noon   ART IN THE KITCHEN AND MORE | Lisa Phipps | Ages 6-12 | limited to 8 students
Students will learn how to prepare, cook, present and serve healthy meals, as well as other fun foods kids
enjoy eating.  We’ll learn about food safety, healthy eating, serving methods, nutrition and artful final
presentation.  We will learn the concept of “farm to table” and prepare our own lunch.
This class is suitable for vegetarians. | Class is full
, thank you

1pm-4pm  ARTFUL WEAVINGS | Sandra Novia | Ages 8-12
We’ll learn the art of weaving and assemblage with found objects, cloth, wire and any small objects you
want to bring to the class.  We’ll create beautiful sculptures and tapestries by knowing how to weave.
COST: $170

JULY 6-10 | Week Four
Candy Paulson Anderson | Ages 9-12 years
Come draw the trees, fences, barns, and animals of the country and the buildings of towns and big cities as
you learn the basics of shading and perspective. Learn how to add color and special effects with watercolor
and take home amazing new works of art. | COST: $170     

1-4pm  FRIDA AND DIEGO | Lynn Roth | Ages 6-12
Learn about the lives and artistic styles of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.  We’ll make a super mural like
Diego’s and create paintings in the weird and wonderful style of Frida.
COST: $170

JULY 13-17 | Week Five
Meg Regelous | Ages 6-12
Learn about composition, contrast, negative space vs positive space and line weight while drawing all your
favorite animals and ice cream cones. | COST: $170

1-4pm   PLAY WITH CLAY | MEG REGELOUS | Ages 6-12
This is how to have fun: make animal sculptures in clay and vases for little flowers. Make boxes for your
animals to live in. Learn how to transfer drawings you’ve made onto clay tiles. A week of playing with clay.
COST: $170

JULY 20-24 | Week Six

1-4pm  FLIGHT CAMP | Lynn Roth | Ages 6-12
Combine art and science and spend the week celebrating “things that fly” from bugs to kites.  With a variety of
art materials we’ll discover and celebrate the wonder of flight!  | COST $170



The following week 6 classes have been canceled

TREE OF LIFE  | Canceled
Students will journey through the four seasons with the art of collage.  On one canvas
divided into four seasons, we will draw, paint, cut and create the elements of the changing seasons in the life of a tree.

During the week we will create an entire musical production!  In the morning we’ll make masks, costumes and
sets and in the afternoon we will write our own story line and create a theater piece with acting, singing
instrumentation and dancing!  This is an experience not to be missed.  On Friday July 24 we will perform our
piece for family and friends from 3 to 4pm at the Felta Schoolhouse.

Two step process to register and pay:

To register, DOWNLOAD and fill in the form below, click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form,
then click the PAY button which will take you to the HCA class payment site. Credit card payment only.

Summer Art Camp Registration Form (2 page PDF)